RSA Can Mean Difference Between Life And Death

A lot of people struggle to understand the compelling reasons behind enforcement of responsible serving of alcohol. There is a need for hospitality staff and management to appreciate the justification for accreditation. Hospitality industry ought to take responsibility for their patrons.

tg2w3ed6yh2wej22Before RSA was enforced, a lot of licensed joints continued to serve alcohol to customers notwithstanding their levels of intoxication. Unfortunately, this led to several cases of violence, damages to premises, and drunk driving. This makes many people risk their lives and even lose their lives. Moreover, high consumption of alcohol causes serious threats to the safety of individuals and the society at large. It is becoming an epidemic, which is damaging lives of many people across the world. This explains why the government stepped in and implemented several regulations on the alcohol industry.

Why RSA course?

Effects of alcohol

There is a need for hospitality staff to understand different effects of alcohol on the human body. Also, they need to know the way some patrons react whenever they reach certain levels. This is likely to affect the society in many ways. For instance, the family and friends will be affected.

Another great concern to the society is underage drinking. In fact, alcohol drinking at a young age is likely to cause permanent damage to the growing body. It is unfortunate that most young people are not aware of serious effects, which are associated with alcohol. It is the duty of licensed premises to stop selling alcohol to underage people. This explains why RSA certification makes a considerable difference. In some instances, it is difficult to determine the exact age of young people. Fortunately, RSA certified employees have got the skills to ask for proof of age.

Mandatory RSA courses

You should note that responsibilities and legal requirements of the hospitality staff are onerous. However, they are necessary to create a safe working environment for the staff and a comfortable, relaxed entertainment venue. It is a requirement in Australia for these employees to undertake an RSA Course Victoria:

  • Approved managers of bars, hotels, and restaurantstgwedc6yhwe7u22
  • Security guards who are involved in alcohol
  • Staff involved in supply, sale, and service of liquor
  • Volunteers who want to gain knowledge

Each state has its RSA course requirements. However, there is a nationally accredited course available. It is quite important for the licensed businesses, staff, and governments to recognize damaging effects of alcohol. This is necessary to protect both the patrons and the society.